Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 3 Journal

Had snail-mail today. The quarterly edition of the family newsletter. Not sure I wanted to read it ...pretty sure there will be a lot of sad memories in it. My first thought upon seeing much longer will this be published - people are dying off - who will send in things. My second thought was....will I continue to send in a contribution, knowing that I only did it in the past because mum liked her kids to participate in it. She really liked reading the articles- what's going on in out-of-staters' lives,- but will no more. Do people really care that my husband and I are still at the same jobs? That we still live in this little town that will soon have no grocery store in it? That I'm sick of the cold, and counting down 'til vacation? Do I care that cousin so-and-so will have a new daughter-in-law? No.
Maybe by the time the next newsletter arrives, my thoughts will change. Probably not.

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  1. I'd do a lot to avoid a family newsletter.... My family used to have a huge once-a-year gathering, but, as you say, it's the older people, the tip of the pyramid, who are most interested, and as the base of the pyramid broadens and there are more and more people, more and more distantly related, who know each other less and less--it slowly dies out.