Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 14 - Using yourself differently --2nd piece

Supper’s over…kitchen’s cleaned up…a load of laundry’s done…favorite show is over. Time for getting things ready for another day tomorrow, and then bed. She slowly climbed the stairs with her arms full of the recently folded laundry and, after delivering clothes to each room, used the bathroom and then retired to her room. He was already in bed, watching tv. She almost dreaded getting into bed, knowing that it would be the same as previous nights. Lately it’s been three or four times a night. The covers come off… the covers go back on…she tries to go back to sleep. He just doesn’t understand how each time makes her so tired, and agitated. He usually sleeps right through each time. She knows when she gets up in the morning she’ll still feel tired, and it’s all because she is a she. It’s her reward (more like punishment) for being a woman - a woman who is aging.

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  1. No, the husband really is not going to get it--and the writer no doubt does not want to hear this but the teacher is here to tell you that for some women, this problem goes on for decades! The teacher has seen his wife with a group of friends, three or four of them all semi-unconsciously lifting their t-shirts up to just below their bras and flapping them up and down for the cooling effect.